Anna Lotan Products

logo-anna-lotanAnna Lotan Bio-Cosmetic Laboratories manufacture exclusive, functional, professional skin care treatments for use by licensed estheticians, cosmetologists and other skin care professionals in Salons and Spas, together with synergistic, high quality, home use products for their clients.

We have almost four decades of experience in creating professional quality formulations that target skin conditions such as: dry, dehydrated, oily, problem, acne prone, hyper-pigmentation, mature, sensitive, rosacea, seborrhea and couperose as well as products for post laser and other dermato-cosmetic rejuvenation treatments.

These products reflect the personal approach and treatment philosophy developed by the company founder Ms. Anna Lotan in her 50 years as an active esthetician and teacher. All our products are created to work in harmony with the skins metabolism, with a sensitivity to the needs of individual skin types and a respect for the skins principal function as the bodys protective outer barrier.

Throughout the years, the Anna Lotan goal has been to use pure and active natural ingredients where ever possible, minimizing the need for chemical preservatives and emulsifiers to stabilize formulations. As a result, we have created a wide range of products which are especially kind to the skin, cruelty free, friendly to the environment and based on renewable ingredients.


DESCRIPTION:  A delicate facial cleansing mousse based on mild cleansing components. The gentle formula is especially kind to the skin and contains only premium cleansing components that are totally sulphate free! They are based on:

● Sugar based cleansing components;
● Cereals;
● Flower extracts;
● Aloe vera;
The special dispenser incorporates air during use giving the foam a quality of a velvety mousse while at the same time reducing the surfactant concentration, leaving the skin perfectly smooth, clean and fresh.

PRICE: $40


DESCRIPTION: An active wrinkle smoothing formula based on a special blend of three novel anti wrinkle peptides: Acetyl Hexapeptide 8; Myoxinol and Sepilift dphp- a wrinkle smoothing molecule combining the aminoacid proline with a penetration enhancer derived from palm oil. These active ingredients not only temporarily minimize the appearance of expression lines, but also acts as a potent anti oxidant providing longer term protection against free radicals. This active complex supports the skin’s protective barrier against stress.

PRICE: $140


DESCRIPTION: To obtain optimal results, apply Replenishing Balm to face and neck after evening cleansing and then smooth the content of one Retinol Capsule over it. Retinol, natural Vitamin A, is recognized as an essential supporter of the skins renewal processes. The capsules deliver a silky, natural Retinol skin treatment to smooth and improve skin texture by significantly reducing fine lines and pigmentation spots, the visible signs of aging and sun damage

PRICE: 135.00

instant lift creamINSTANT LIFT

DESCRIPTION: Known as the Cinderella Impact, this active serum offers a dual skin lifting effect:

  • Instant surface firming based on a film forming sesame protein that gently contracts on the skins surface, leaving a smooth tightening effect upon drying.
  • Deeper, longer lasting peptide based anti-wrinkle effect based on a blend of hibiscus flowers, which has a wrinkle relaxing effect, with vecto
    rised proline that intensively rehydrates the skin.

And, a gentle Lotus flower extract with Olive oil squalane soothes and conditions the skin for the longer term.

PRICE: $135.00


DESCRIPTION: The wealth of functional nutrients naturally present in grain sprouts, such as Wheatgrass and Buckwheat, provide powerful vitality to this novel, anti wrinkle formulation. The wrinkle relaxing Oligopeptides (Argireline and Myoxinol) have been joined with premium emollients (Borage Oil, Phyto-Squalane, Ceramides, Jojoba wax and Shea butter) to mimic the skin’s own lipid components and create an advanced formulation for the delicate eye contour area. A rich moisture retaining NMF complex (composed of amino-acids and minerals) further support the skin’s protective barrier against stress and loss of moisture.

PRICE: $125.00


DESCRIPTION:  An intensive anti wrinkle cream excellent for normal to dry skin. Prolonged localized massage on areas prone to develop wrinkles will smooth the skin with an instant lifting effect. Within 4 weeks a marked long term improvement will be noticed in the skin’s texture, smoothness and fresh appearance.
The amino-acid Proline has been linked with an ester derivative of palm oil to act as a penetration enhancing “vector” and give the skin a certain “plumping” effect. Tests have shown that this molecule not only gives an immediate support of the moisture retention capacity but also provides a longer lasting smoothing effect. It was found to support underlying collagen and elastin restructuring enzymes and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).

PRICE: $135.00

pure balmPURE BALM

DESCRIPTION: This calming emulsion is formulated for delicate oily/combination skin, especially when exposed to seasonal or environmental change. Absorbed easily, it leaves an immediate calming sensation without any shine or oily after-feel. Formulated with more than 99% naturally derived ingredients, including flower based preservatives, it is enriched with Cimicifuga (Black Cohosh) long known by native American Indians for its powerful soothing properties and ideally designated for skin with a stressed T-zone condition. Vitamin E naturally protects the vegetable emollients: Olive oil squalane and pure Jojoba liquid wax. With a gentle scent, it is a perfect choice as a quality day or night cream for this skin type. This product has been dermatologically tested and found to be Hypoallergenic.

PRICE: $60.00

facial-foaming-gelFACIAL FOAMING GEL

DESCRIPTION: A gentle and effective liquid Soap in gel form ideal for the thorough evening cleansing of normal, combination or oily skin. The Gel, based on softening round seaweed, hydrates the skin to ease light exfoliation and thoroughly cleanse the pores offering a creamy sensation and, after rinsing, leaving a clean, smooth sensation without over-drying.

PRICE: $35.00


propolis creamPROPOLIS LOTION

DESCRIPTION: An astringent facial lotion based on a combination of Dead Sea Mineral water, Sage and Propolis extracts. Has a skin purifying effect on oily, acne prone skin. A stinging sensation, which will disappear upon drying, may be felt temporarily due to the presence of mineral salts. For best results apply several times a day – especially during the humid summer season – to maintain optimal hygienic skin conditions.

PRICE: $35.00


DESCRIPTION: Spot treatment for Oily Acne prone skin. This local application creamy mask is rich in (beard) moss powder, which is used as a natural alternative to antibiotics. A wealth of additional natural ingredients (Seabuckthorn, Green Tea, Aloe Vera juice, Knotweed, Myrrh, Thyme) promote skins hygiene, absorb excess oiliness and soothe the skin. Excellent as an overnight treatment for blemished areas!

PRICE: $55.00