Holy Land Cosmetics


KIT CONTAINS: Prepping lotion 125ml, Day defense cream 50ml, Restoring cream 50ml

PRICE: $180



DESCRIPTION: Gentle peeling pads, convenient and easy to use, renew and improve the skin’s complexion, reduce
the depth of wrinkles, and give the skin a uniform

PRICE: $65



restoring-soapRESTORING SOAP

DESCRIPTION: Soap for optimal and thorough cleansing of the facial skin, 125 ml

PRICE: $40



vitamin-c-kitANTI AGING KIT

KIT CONTAINS: Cleanser 125ml, Intensive Day cream 50ml, Cream 50ml

PRICE: $170



DESCRIPTION: Serum with millicapsules containing a high
concentration of vitamin C effectively reduces the
depth of wrinkles, 30 ml

PRICE: $140



nourishing-creamNOURISHING CREAM

DESCRIPTION: Rich, nourishing night cream that acts to slow down the skin aging process and reduce the depth of
wrinkles, 50 ml

PRICE: $65


magic dropsMAGIC DROPS

DESCRIPTION: Unique serum, rich in vitamins, that gives the skin a silky-soft and radiant complexion

PRICE: $165



balancing-soapBALANCING SOAP

DESCRIPTION: Soap that balances the skin’s pH level and cleans without it causing dryness, 250 ml

PRICE: $30



bio-repair-special-tonerSPECIAL TONER

DESCRIPTION: Toner for completing the cleansing and soothing the skin.




gel-cleanserGEL CLEANSER

DESCRIPTION: Foaming gel for gentle and optimal skin cleansing, 250 ml

PRICE: $40



night-care creamNIGHT CARE

DESCRIPTION: Rich night cream that boosts the recovery treatment of the skin, 50 ml

PRICE: $70


day-care creamDAY CARE

DESCRIPTION: Day cream that increases moisture level, slows down the aging process and prevents wrinkles, 50 ml

PRICE: $65


DESCRIPTION: Firming serum, effective for smoothing wrinkles and bestowing a tightening effect to the skin, 30 ml

PRICE: $150



renewal-creamRENEWAL CREAM

DESCRIPTION: Active cream for skin renewal and wrinkle
reduction, 50 ml

PRICE: $115


probiotic3-in-1 cream3 IN 1 SOAP, CLEANSER & TONER

DESCRIPTION: 3 in 1 – cleanser, soap and toner for thorough cleansing, 150 ml

PRICE: $55


hydrating-creamHYDRATING CREAM

DESCRIPTION: Hydrating cream, easily absorbed, based on probiotic extract and milk proteins that increase moisture level in the skin and protect it from bacteria and environmental pollution, 50 ml

PRICE: $70

drying-lotion_with-demi-makeupDRYING LOTION WITH DEMI MAKE-UP

DESCRIPTION: Drying lotion to speed up the process of healing skin blemishes, 30 ml

PRICE: $45