MELISA and metal hypersensitivity

The first and only metal hypersensitivity test in Canada.
MELISA stands for Memory Lymphocyte Immunostimulation Assay, a test used to identify metal hypersensitivities. Metal hypersensitivity is a cell-mediated immune response that has a variety of effects. Healthcare professionals may recognize localized signs of metal hypersensitivity such as rashes, hives, and mouth ulcers, but be unaware that metal hypersensitivity also has systemic effects.

Patients with metal hypersensitivity may have numerous symptoms associated with an activated immune system, including chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, cognitive impairment, depression, headaches and fibromyalgia. MELISA is a scientifically proven and clinically validated blood test that detects delayed hypersensitivity (type-IV hypersensitivity) to metals, such as mercury, nickel and titanium.

Hypersensitivity to metals also is increasingly recognized as one of the causes of joint replacement failure.

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