Microdermabrasion – Thornhill, Wilderman Cosmetic Clinic

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment designed to improve overall texture, tone and clarity of the skin. Microdermabrasion will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation, chicken pox scars, brown/age spots, enlarged pores and other skin imperfections.

It is a simple and effective form of exfoliation that uses crystals to remove the outer layer of dead or damaged skin cells, revealing a new, youthful layer of skin. While the crystals are performing the exfoliation, a vacuum suction action is applied in order to remove the crystals, while stimulating the lower layers of the skin. This unique system stimulates sub-dermal activities that renew the anti-aging mechanism of the skin that slows with age. Increasing the blood supply provides nutrients necessary for skin regeneration, repair, and increased cellular turnover.  In return, improving the skins’ elasticity and texture, as well as balancing the pigment.

Treatment begins when our dermatologist washes the patient’s skin thoroughly, removing all dirt and excess oils. Then, they will target a stream of fine aluminum oxide crystals over the area.  The crystals abrade away old, dead skin cells, which the vacuum then picks up with gentle suction.  This promotes the growth of collagen and new, rejuvenated skin.  Moisturizers and sun block are then applied to the treated area to ensure a prompt healing.

Typically, it varies from person to person how many treatments are required. Usually we would recommend between 5 and 8 treatments separated between 7 and 10 days at times that are convenient for you. However, scars and discolorations may need more attention and therefore more treatments. It is encouraged that after your initial treatments that you continue to visit us for follow up treatments every 2 to 3 months to maintain results.

Microderamabrasion is a very common procedure and is incredibly safe. Unlike laser resurfacing, and chemical peels, this procedure does not cause trauma, therefore there is no time period that is needed to allow recovery. However we will ensure this treatment is safe for you by running brief medical tests and giving instructions for both pre and post treatments, to ensure the results exceed your expectations. Patients will notice differences immediately after the treatment as their skin has tightened. This may result in dry skin beginning to form (depending on your skin type), however this can be prevented by applying an effective moisturizer to the skin post treatment. The skin will appear redder than usual for the rest of the day, but will return to its normal color within 24 hours. For best results it is idea that the patient refrains from wearing makeup within 24 hours of treatment in order to give the skin a chance to breathe and regenerate itself.  Additionally, during your first treatment, you will feel a mild scratching sensation. This sensation will resemble a deep massage once the skin adjusts to the procedure. Depending on how aggressive the treatment is, a mild redness may form on the skin but will quickly return to its natural color.

The main advantage of Microdermabrasion is its ease and speed. It provides immediate results, requires little to no recovery time, and takes less time than other cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of skin. Those who undergo Microdermabrasion also report less discomfort compared to other cosmetic procedures, and anesthesia is not typically required.

Each session usually lasts between 25 and 30 minutes, however this number varies on the condition of the patients skin. .Additional time is needed to complete other desired areas.

The ideal candidates for Microdermabrasion are healthy adults who have relatively minor skin conditions or imperfections and realistic expectations about what Microdermabrasion can and cannot do.  Microdermabrasion works well for damaged skin, whether affected by acne, sun damage or aging; and skin of any type or color.

The results last different lengths of time, for different as they are dependent on post treatment skin care. However, additional treatments will renew the youthful appearance you have grained through this procedure.  It is important to remember that Microdermabraison was designed for minor imperfections and general improvements.

For more information about Microdermabrasion, or any of the other services we provide here at Wilderman Cosmetic Clinic, feel free to call or drop in to us at any time.